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The Hernando Heritage Council of the Citrus County Historical Society, Inc., its affiliates and members adhere to the belief that history is a valuable asset to our communities, serving as a foundation upon which a community may change and develop without losing its identity with the citizens who live and work there. Therefore, it is the mission of the Hernando Heritage Council to restore and renovate the Historic Hernando School as a community/cultural arts center, nonprofit resource center, library, museum, public auditorium and meeting area for the betterment of the citizens of the town of Hernando, and all of Citrus County.


The restoration of the Historic Hernando School is a work in progress that takes patient time with patient planning and finding funds and volunteers to help in many different aspects of this precious worth while project. To some who are not up to date on the progress it may seem that nothing has been done or accomplished. To date progress has been; planning & acquisitions with architectural drawing certified plan WITH COUNTY APPROVAL ($43,000) - abandon old septic tank and construct and hook up to sewer line along with hook up to county water(over $100,000 ) Stabilize building with new roof ($78,000 ) - Demolition of non-original walls inside building and clean up ($50,000) - re-surface asphalt , parking spaces ( $17,000) - Inside new plumbing both restrooms completely finished, new electrical wiring , auditorium stage and back stage restored, Ac/heat vac rough in, ($360,000)-- Next phase will be soon to remove old lead paint on outside of building . Hernando Heritage Council is always working to continue the restoration of this project . HHC welcomes the needed help from volunteers in all aspects from computer knowledge to historic memories to office help to in kind construction help.

If you would like to contribute in some way to this historic treasure please contact us.

All proceeds from the Hernando Southern Heritage Days Cattle Drive and Festival benefit the continued restoration and upkeep of the Historic Hernando School. Hernando Heritage Council of the Citrus County Historical Society appreciates your support.

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